God created the world and established objective truth by determining what is good and what is not. The Bible is God's objective truth revealed to us.

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I want to talk to you. I've had a chance to speak to four different colleges so far, as we've come into this new school year. And at each of those I handled the issue of objective versus subjective truth.

Now, what is subjective versus objective truth?

Earlier this week or last week we had a meeting here and the air-conditioner wasn't working and there were sixteen people in a small room and it was 84 degrees in that room. I was sitting next to a young woman wearing a sweater who looked at me and said, "It's finally warm in here."

Now, the object of truth is that it was 84 degrees. The subjective truth is that she is crazy. It was the third level of hell in that room. We could have preached on hellfire and damnation in that room. 84 degrees. Just stuck in there. You all know what I'm talking about?

Objective truth is a fact. It is something that you know. It is something that is provable — empirical data.

Subjective truth is truth that, well, this is how I feel or it's true to me. And the problem is that if you read the very beginning of the book of Genesis, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was dark and formless and he hovered over the face of the deep and God spoke and he said, "Let there be light," and there was light and light was good.

Wait... Light was what?

One more time... Let's make sure... Maybe I'm making this up, but I think you've read the same story. Light was what? Good.

Well if there's a good than there has to be?... (bad).

Yeah let me give you a synonym — good is also right. What is the synonym for the other part of right? (wrong)

Very good. If there's a good there's a bad. If there's a right there's a wrong.

God established creation with objective truth, saying this is good. And by saying that, he also said there is bad. And if there is good and bad there is right and there is wrong.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Andy Addis

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