There entire Bible is about one great big story. Many different stories exist in the Bible, but they all point to a single story. The Old Testament and the New Testament both point to the story of Jesus.  

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Now, let's go to the very beginning. What do I mean when I say the Bible has one story?

I'm gonna white out the screen here for just a second and I want to share the thought that there is something called the metanarrative. It is the overarching — it is the underscoring — it is the one story of Scripture.

The Bible has hundreds of stories, maybe even thousands of stories. It has all kinds of characters, but what if I told you that they all fit into one storyline? Everything in the Bible was for the purpose of telling one solitary story.

Now you'll notice that it's not a straight timeline. We have a dip here. In this story it begins with creation. We all know that the book of Genesis talks about creation and it's followed by the fall and after that we have something called the gospel and then re-creation. Not recreation. Re-creation.

Now right in the center of all that falls the pivot point in all of American, all of European, all of South American, in all of world human history — the pivotal, the seminal event of humanity, I believe is the cross of Jesus Christ.

Now as we look at this, we're going to see that the entire Bible story is about creation, the fall of man, the gospel of the good news, that the cross offers us a way back to re-creation.

As a matter of fact, if you look through Scripture, let me point a few things out to you — a lot of creation you're gonna find in Genesis but it's not just in Genesis. In Romans chapter one Paul talks about the glory of what God had made. In Colossians it mentions the fact that he is the supreme and preeminent over all that has been made. We see his wonders talked about in Psalms.

Creation is one of those themes. Revelation is where we see re-creation.

You know, one day Jesus is gonna come. He's gonna toot the horn and we're gonna scoot. Everything is gonna be better. There shall be no more tears. There shall be no more pain. Life will be good. Does that sound good to anybody else?

That's the re-creation and we know that's in Revelation, but it's not just there. Paul told us to look forward to it. Jesus told us to watch the skies and even as we look back in the Old Testament we see the prophets that were pushing towards it. In Daniel, saying these days were going to come.

The fall. We see that throughout the Old Testament of course. And the gospel story is throughout the new, but watch this — both the Old Testament and the New Testament point towards the cross at the center.

Now I'm gonna challenge you. You can take every story in the Bible and you say well this story is about giving. No, this story is about the gospel. You say well this story is about obedience. Not really. This story is about the gospel. Well this story is about marriage. No, but you probably a marriage issues. That's why you see it that way. But this story is about the gospel.

What we want you to see is that everything is about this one story. Whether it's about how you're raising your kids or what you do with your finances or how you crawl out of a personal hole that you're in, it's all God's plan to rescue us from ourselves by the grace of Jesus Christ and the good news of what he did for us on the cross. 

Can I get an amen in the house?

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Andy Addis

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