Grow Groups are so much more than a Bible study. It’s really about living life together. Being a part of the church benefits us in many ways. Simply attending church is one thing; living life with an intentional group of believers is another. Plugging into a Grow Group at CrossPoint not only provides a place for you to serve others, but it also benefits you in several ways!

First, people will pray specifically for you every single week.

The people in your Grow Group will stay in touch with you. People talk more than once a week. There are multiple ways to stay in touch. Depending on your Group’s preference, you may be in a Facebook group, use an app together, or exchange phone numbers to share prayer requests with each other throughout the week.

Does anyone else appreciate it when others pray for you? I may be the only one... But this is a blessing to me.

When Grow Groups meet each week, outside of the weekend service, they're praying together. It’s true that we believe people that are plugged into a Grow Group will be taken care of better than those who are unplugged. You can bet that if you’re in a Grow Group, more people will be praying for/with you.

Second, you will grow spiritually.

Needless to say, people grow in Grow Groups. Whether you need help understanding a sermon point from the weekend teaching, insight for a Bible verse, or simply learn how to navigate the Bible, Grow Groups are the place to grow spiritually. The primary thing that unifies, nourishes, and grows us is the Word of God. Grow Groups aren't just Bible studies, but we certainly grow in God's Word together.

You will grow by learning how to serve others. It's great to understand Scripture, but it's better to live out Scripture through serving others. Interacting in a Group of intergenerational members takes things to a whole different level!

We are family. None of us have everything figured out. But we are moving forward. As long as we are heading towards Christ, we are where we need to be. So don’t feel like you’re the only one with struggles. Grow Groups are a safe place to grow and learn.

Maybe you’re mature in the faith. If so, you can help someone else grow spiritually. If you have the knowledge, experience, and energy to make a disciple, the people in your Group aren’t just there to serve you, but you can serve others by helping them grow spiritually. 

Third, if you have a ministry idea, we will partner with you.

One of the best things about Grow Groups is adoption—Groups serving in the community. Sometimes this looks like partnering with an organization in the city. Maybe there's a school, or a business, that could use some help from a Group of CrossPointers. We want to be a blessing to our community, and do some good. 

We’re not just gathering to have Christian conversation, nor just a Bible study. We are followers of Christ that learn how to obey and apply God’s Word correctly. We are missional people, taking the gospel to new people in new places. A Grow Group that adopts a portion of the city to serve is a vehicle to get this done.

Are there needs in the city? Do you have a ministry idea? Can you think of an organization that can use volunteers? Could we serve your co-workers in any way? Instead of one or two people at CrossPoint taking on everyone's good ministry idea, we want to empower and equip you to do your ministry idea with your Grow Group. 

Do any of these three benefits speak to you? If you’re not in a Group, we need to find you one! For years, God has been working tremendously through Grow Groups, and we are excited for what he has yet to show us.

By getting involved, more prayers will be offered on your behalf, you will grow spiritually, and people will come alongside you in your ministry ideas. This is so much more than a weekly meeting, good Christian conversation, or even a Bible study. It’s living life together to the glory of God.

To contact someone and find the Grow Groups meeting in your area, visit the Grow Groups page on this site!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Payte Johnson

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