The Apostle James famously teaches that faith without works is dead. In the second chapter of his epistle, he continues pouring out wisdom for his Jewish-Christian recipients by explaining faith in a greater light. 

Basically, he explains — what good is your faith if you have nothing to show for it?

You may say that you "believe" in God, but what good is it to merely say this? Even the demons "believe" God exists (cf. James 2:19). 

True, saving faith is one that is never alone. Belief is never really by itself. It is always manifesting itself through works. Our own good works don't produce our salvation, but our salvation and faith in Jesus Christ will produce good works that others can see.

Pastor Andy has laid down some stellar preaching this sermon series (#CPSigns). He summed up real belief by using a chair illustration. Here's a brief clip from CrossPoint's twitter account.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Payte Johnson

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