The Apostle James famously teaches that faith without works is dead. In the second chapter of his epistle, he continues pouring out wisdom for his Jewish-Christian recipients by explaining faith in a greater light.

Basically, he explains — what good is your faith if you have nothing to show for it? You may say that you believe in God, but what good is it to merely say this? Even the demons believe God exists (cf. James 2:19).

True, saving faith is one that is never alone. Belief is never really by itself. It is always manifesting itself through works. Our own good works don't produce our salvation, but our salvation and faith in Jesus Christ will produce good works that others can see.

Pastor Andy has laid down some stellar preaching this sermon series (#CPSigns). He summed up real belief by using a chair illustration. Here's a brief clip from CrossPoint's twitter account.

“Your belief is where you put your weight and where you rest your fate.” —Andy Addis

Sadly, most of us live with one cheek on the seat and one foot on the floor. You see, it's one thing to merely say you trust in Jesus and another to really press into him, lean on him, and rest in him.

To rest our fate on Christ means to abandon all other options, including ourselves. Our fate doesn't rest in our own hands—our own doings, but in God and his perfect will.

It's a troubling thing to see someone raise their hands in total surrender on Sunday but live the rest of the week trusting in their own hands.

We don't have proper belief in God if we aren't putting any weight on him. Most have learned to confess that God is able carry our weight, but many never learn how to actually give him the weight.

It's time to press more into Christ. This is a new week with new mercies each morning.

We need to consider the ways that we don't properly sit on the chair. How can you adjust your position and stay firmly seated as God calls us to sit? Every one of us tend to slouch from time to time. God is asking us to take a seat and find some rest. Unless we take a seat the way God tells us to, we will never find the rest that God has for us.

We don't have to carry the huge weights we've been carrying, nor trust in our own hands. We can transfer the weight to Christ because he is able to carry the load.

If we say we trust in Christ, we need to really trust in Christ. Trust without reliance upon him is not trust. And faith without weight is dead. Jesus invites us to carry the yoke he has for us. It's far lighter and easier than the one we've been trying to carry.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Payte Johnson

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