The coming Easter weekend looks to be a cold, windy, with maybe even a little snow. But, just around the corner will be warmer temperatures, sunny skies, greenery and blooms of Spring.

There it is, just around the corner, new life.

It’s no surprise to me that Easter is an annual kick off to the changing of the season, moving from the dormancy of winter to the vibrancy of spring. God’s a good planner like that.

We talk of spring fever, spring cleaning, spring break, put a spring in in your step and sometimes warn that we’re no longer spring chickens. We love spring because its a time of renewal, rebirth, regeneration and some may even say resurrection.

That's why Easter fits so perfectly into this season. While the world around us is waking up from the death of winter, it’s an almost symbolic reminder of the resurrection we’ve been promised in Jesus!

Even though we don’t experience the ultimate freedom and redemption of resurrection at Easter, just like the changing of the seasons is a dim reflection of that one-day amazing transformation, we are offered a similar experience that is a taste of the resurrection!

Jesus said, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

On this side of the grave, while we still live, there is the hope of abundant life. Life in Jesus is a personal transformation, and a dim reflection of the ultimate change all His followers will receive at the resurrection.

Easter reminds us that we can begin to experience that abundant life right now:

  • A hardened and cold heart made passionate and tender by the love of Jesus.
  • A destructive relationship rescued by forgiveness and love modeled by the life of Jesus.
  • A path and a destiny filled with purpose and life, all because of the mission of Jesus.

Easter is the season of second chances, new hopes, restored lives and resurrection living.

Jesus Christ offers you new and abundant life, and by the evidence of His resurrection proved He has the power to give it!

Happy Easter! May you enjoy this season of new beginnings and may you find yourself a life transformed by the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

Please join us for Good Friday and Easter services this weekend at CrossPoint:

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Andy Addis

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