Kids Team

Teachers: There's no better feeling than to share the gospel! Whether it's in the toddler, preschool, or elementary classrooms teachers have the opportunity to teach kids about Jesus and help them take steps of faith. 

Classroom Helpers: All good teachers need good helpers! If you like being in the classroom but want to play more of a "support" role to our teachers we have just the spot for you. Helpers serve the classroom by pouring into the students and assisting the teacher with the weekly Bible lesson.

Check-in: Help our families feel welcomed by serving in the child check-in station. Volunteers help new families register, help registered families check-in, and provide general information regarding our kid's ministry. What a great way to introduce people to our kid's ministry!

Cleaning: Help our kid's ministry sparkle while providing a safe and healthy environment for kids to play and learn about Jesus. We have a special cleaning team for the kid's area so we can clean toys and other interactive elements of the kid's ministry. This team works year-round but has a special emphasis on the cold/flu season.

Administration: If you love kids but want to work behind the scenes we have weekly/monthly opportunities to serve in the administration. Helping prepare and organize curriculum for the teachers is a great way to use your gifts and bless our teachers as they share the gospel with kids.

Decorating: If you love to decorate we have monthly/quarterly opportunities to decorate our classrooms and/or hallways in the Kid's Ministry area. Whether it's helping to design an area, putting up the decorations, or a combination of the two you can help create a welcoming environment that helps kids grow in Christ.