Guest Services Team

Greeter: Door-holding and welcoming are the specialty of this team. Our greeters make everyone feel at home when they walk in CrossPoint's doors.

Usher: This team ensures guests continue to feel welcome as they make their way into the worship center for services. 

Welcome Center: The Welcome Center is the hub for all CrossPoint events and activities. This team of volunteers provides information and points new guests in the right direction.

Coffee Bar: This team preps coffee before every service and makes sure everything is fully stocked throughout services.

Clean Up: While it is not the most glamorous job, this team exists to provide a distraction-free and safe environment for guests by maintaining cleanliness in our facilities during weekend services and, at some of our campuses, during the week.

Parking Lot (Hutch): Safety and security are a vital part of logistics during all of our services. The parking lot crew establishes guests' first impressions as they direct traffic and welcome guests as they arrive.

Security Team (Hutch): With thousands of people coming in and out of our Hutchinson campus in one weekend, we have a special team designated to keep everyone safe.

Quick Stats

Some quick facts about serving on our Guest Services team

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