Production Team

Producer: The producer is the leader of all things tech during weekend services. From calling cues to making sure everyone is recording at the right time, it is essential for this volunteer to be detail-oriented and have a high capacity for multitasking.

Camera operator: Because of the unique multisite, video-based model of CrossPoint, cameras are an important part of each weekend service. Camera operators should have an eye for both precision and creativity and must be able to listen to instructions from the camera director.

Camera director: This volunteer directs all six cameras during each weekend service using a Tricaster machine located in our video bunker. Camera directors need basic computer knowledge and should be highly-focused and precise individuals. A creative eye and some basic knowledge of music (tempo, rhythm, etc.) is helpful.

TriCaster & ProPresenter Team (iMag, Tape, Lyrics): This team controls everything that is seen on the screens in the worship center, TV monitors throughout the building, and, in some cases, on the recording we distribute to our campuses and stream online. Individuals on this team must have a familiarity with computers and the ability to focus.

Audio: Our audio team is composed of two branches - front of house (FOH) and audio for video (A4V). The FOH technician ensures the sound in the worship center is of high quality in both volume and overall musical blend. The A4V technician has a twofold responsibility: he or she adjusts what the instrumentalists and singers hear on stage and also mixes the audio that is heard throughout the church during a weekend service. Prior experience in audio engineering, radio, and/or an understanding of music is necessary.

Lights: Lighting is essential in-house, but it is especially important for recording high quality video. These volunteers be familiar with computers and need to understand music timing.

Video production: Video is involved in almost everything we do at CrossPoint. There is an abundance of filming, editing, and producing each week and weekend. If you are creative, skilled in videography, and proficient in post-production software like Final Cut Pro, this is the place for you!